Wednesday, January 6, 2016

It's Still 5 O'clock Here

Welcome to the Memphis Parrot Head Club
Formed in 2000, the Memphis PHC has enjoyed 16 years of partying with a purpose. We owe it all to you!
Like a Phoenix (or rather a Parrot) rising from the ashes, you just can’t keep a good Parrot Head Club down. Formed in 2000, the Memphis PHC has enjoyed 16 years of partying with a purpose. We owe it all to you! For those of you who have enjoyed meeting new friends, enjoying music, and supporting our charitable causes, we invite you to renew your membership NOW!
We have been informed by PHIP that the Memphis Parrot Head Club can keep its Charter if we act quickly. We must have at least 12 paid registered members and a Board in place by the end of January 2016.
This means we need all of you Fruitcakes to send your renewal membership applications (and $$) now!
If you are interested in remaining a member of the MPHC (or becoming a new member):
1. Please fill in your application form with a check for dues and mail it to the address on the form right away. Please put it in the mail by the 10th of January. We have a deadline of January 31st to get our monies to PHIP. (Sorry that the PayPal link is not currently available. We have to redo the website and open a new bank account. That is why we are asking you to locate your checkbooks and send the dues via Snail Mail).

Print Member Application

2. Our next meeting will be held:
WHEN: Thursday, January 21st, 2016
WHERE: Mortimer’s Restaurant (across from Lowes on Perkins)
590 N Perkins Rd, Memphis, TN 38122
TIME: 5:45 PM (music by local singer-songwriter Van Duren begins at 6:30 so we would like to start the business meeting promptly at 6:00 pm)
3. The agenda of the meeting will be to hold the election of board members and to set the Thursday night each month you want to meet. Mortimer’s has offered to let us use their private dining area. They have great seafood (give me oysters, beer, every single day of the year) and live music on Thursday nights. If anyone has another family friendly venue we should consider, please bring your ideas to the meeting. We want to have a regular monthly meeting night and location. Future meetings will be to decide on bylaws, charities etc. Agendas will be distributed prior to the meetings via email.
4. The following members are proposed for our new board:

Karen Scott – President
Katy Vida Dawkins - Founder
Cyndi Coury- Treasurer
Other nominations may be made at the meeting for Secretary and VP. If you have any interest in either of these offices, let Karen Scott know.

5. Please RSVP for the meeting on the 21st to Karen at The folks at Mortimer’s want to be sure they provide us with enough wait staff.
6. If you have questions, please contact Karen Scott.
We are looking forward to your support and seeing you on the 21st!

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